• Jayda Saydam

Reflective Entry_Three

Batiment 7 Charrette

Last Year I attended a brainstorming Charrette at Batiment 7 in late fall. At this event, we learned about the history of the space, the political battles involved with gaining ownership of the buildings and plots, as well as an overview of all the potential design plans and ideas that are in the works for the space. In the session we worked in collaboration with grad students, PhD students, architects, members of B7 and many more contributors.

It was my first time in an environment where I got to work alongside people in the field. I got to see how the design process is used in real life applications. Where the problem is presented and teams are divided up to work on different aspects of the problem. For this workshop our main task was to create concepts, drawings and small presentations that looked into the best outcome and worst outcome if developers were to either build on the plot of land parallel to the building or not. There was a lot of freedom with the concepts we got to create however there was little structure and a lack of communication on certain restrictions of the space and what the drawings were being used for. Despite the problems I observed, I was able to continue working with B7 and this event was a great opportunity for me to network and meet people in the field. I think it was successful in introducing me to working on more projects like this.