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Bones is a commemorative space that honours Mary Anning’s most famous findings; the Plesiosaurus, the

Dimorphodon Macronyx, and Plesiosaurus Macrocephalus. Mary Anning was a pioneering Palaeontologist that held an influential presence in discovering the Earth’s fossilized extinct world. Through several draft iterations I landed on design that was an interpretation of the landscape in which Anning would have done her excavations on Englands Jurassic Coast. The facade walls of the space will be cladded in large limestone slabs as well as the tiles that cover the floor will be made of limestone, separated by sand. The abstract bone sculptures will made out of white concrete and will act as a seating space for pedestrians to enjoy. Contrasting the extrusions, there will be shallow 'pools' inset into the ground. This will transform the space when in contact with precipitation that will fill the pools with water providing urban animals will a water source, bird bath etc. The intention behind this design is to invite life back into a space that honours death and preserve an essence of life in a virtually appearing 'still space'. 


Drafts and iterations in the earlier stages of the project. 

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