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As a multi-disciplinary designer, my mission is to seek out practical creative solutions for environmental and humanitarian challenges. Collective participation in problem solving is a fundamental core value in my practice, however I actively want my own design intentions to be realized equally beside the seen participation. I believe that my curiosity in existing knowledge as well as striving to expand my own learning is crucial in my creative process. I attempt to use my voice as a designer to uplift the lives involved in my work (human or not) and educate through creative expression. My projects explore materiality, tactility, sustainability and are a result of researched topics of intrinsic warmth, environmental issues and home-making.

Outside my creative practice, I am a great appreciator of the outdoors and love to explore nature through any means possible. I am a dedicated rock climber and enjoy travelling by canoe or with my blue van Beast. Spending most of my time in nature has become a huge contributory to the way I conduct my projects and will hopefully always continue to provide me ever evolving perspectives of our world. 

Image Above_ only self-portrait captured on my cross Canada journey

Location_ Highway 1 in the Saskatchewan prairies

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